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Vocabulary Words Your 2nd Grader Should Know
The terms and phrases listed in this document are offered to Tennessee districts and schools
as a foundation from which to design and implement a comprehensive program to enhance
the academic background knowledge of students.

2nd Grade Eng/Lang. Arts
Adjective Adverb Pronoun Dictionary Encyclopedia Fiction Nonfiction Folktale Fables
Discussion Main idea Message Predicting Prewrite Draft Edit Publish Author’s purpose
Table of contents Glossary Singular Plural Plot Punctuation (e.g., comma, semi-colon, etc.)
Base (root) word Prefixes Suffixes

2nd Grade Math
Associative property Base-ten system Commutative property Dimensions Distance Dollar
Elapsed time/time interval Equivalent Event Expanded form Extend Foot Fraction Inch
Interpret Kilogram Likely/unlikely Meter/centimeter Multiplication One-fourth One-third
Outcome Perimeter Pound Quarter-hour Reflect Rotate Second (time) Set Symmetry
Table Transformations Transitive Translate Unknown Yard

2nd Grade Science
Celsius/Fahrenheit compare/contrast depend dissolve distance Earth resource energy
evaporation fossil habitat infer investigate observation offspring organism parent reasoning
renewable/non-renewable scientific inquiry scientist similarities/differences sound
temperature pattern transform type universe vibration

2nd Grade Soc. St.
Authority Climate County Custom Conflict Decision Duty Growth Government Justice
Landmark Privilege Qualifications Rural Urban Services Goods Settlement Symbol Tradition
Volunteer Time line Contribution Economy Consumer Producer Events History
Natural resources River Map key